Snow white and Charlie Sheen's love child

live, work and study in leicester.

i dream in photography, this page is like the inside of my mind.

Maybe if he’d got that job. Maybe if we didn’t have that fight. Maybe if we hadn’t gone on that trip. Maybe if we didn’t go out that night. Maybe if he got me a different gift. maybe if I didn’t overreact. Maybe if we had sex afterwards. Maybe if we hadn’t got a cat. Maybe if he’d tried harder. Maybe if i’d cut him some slack. Maybe if he hadn’t slept with her. Maybe if I hadn’t slept with him. Maybe if money was better. Maybe if he had different meds. Maybe if i’d had meds. Maybe if I hadn’t worked so much. Maybe if we hadn’t been so stressed. Maybe if we’d had sex more. Maybe if we’d got high less. Maybe if we’d got drunk less things might be different. Maybe we would still be together. Maybe we’d still be happy. But this is how it happened, and we have to trust that it’s all for a reason.


when u give ur phone to someone to look at a pic and they keep scrolling


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Cant remember the last time I felt this fucking alone.


what do you mean a thesaurus isnt a dinosaur

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